Monday, January 10, 2011

OC Memes + OC Meme 1 part 1

From now on I will fill up MeAsTheNarrator's OC (Original Character) Meme here now and then.. As I don't have my diary where I've written about the interrail trip with me at the dorm I've decided to start publishing this.. As I'm not much of a drawer/painter etc. I've used my imagination by writing and inventing characters and different stories.. I hope that you will enjoy~
I. Choose up to five (5) of your favorite original story characters that will embark in this role-play. If you don't have five (5) then leave them blank (or create a character on the spot!) Be sure to give a little description of them:

1. Rosalia (Rosa) – Half Angel, Half Vampire. Her mom(100% Vampire) is a famous ex-model who had to quit her job when Rosa was 8 years old (her husband(100% Angel) got jealous and wanted to keep her all to himself). Rosa is 19 yo. literacy student in a monster school (full of pure blooded(100% one monster), full blooded (100% monster, like Rosa is) and half blooded (50% monster, 50% human) students :)) she's trying to become a model like her mom was but Rai doesn't quite like that idea.. (Rai's 50% siren, 50% demon) Since Rosa's parents moved to another city and Rosa didn't want to leave because of her studies and love interest, she moved together with Rai. The only problem is that Rai is Rosa's teacher and student-teacher relationships are a NO-NO. So they're living as roommates at Rai's apartment and try not to touch each other. But the situation is hard for both of them because they love each other a LOT and are REALLY jealous of each other. Rosa is more like her mom than her dad, she drinks blood like vampires do and acts more like a vampire than an angel (thank GOD she doesn't sparkle!!!) and her emotions go up and down just like that. :P

2. Sayuri (Sayu) – HUMAN. Young (21-23yo.), pretty and anorexic stripper and drug user from the slums. She has lost all of her memories from before she was 17 or 18 (she doesn't know her age or anything about herself). During one night shift she met a guy at the bar of the strip club (she works as a stripper and a bar tender) and left the bar with the man. The man abducted her and took her to one of his apartments and tied her to the bed. He raped and used her just as he wanted to and just left her lying on the bed for the rest of the night. From that day forward he used Sayu as his living toy but little by little he started to fell in love with Sayuri because she looks like his first love (who died).

3. Nick – A teacher from the same school Rosa goes to. He teaches P.E and is about 30yo. SMEXY elf (pure blood) :) He has a relationship with one of his students just like Rai (except for the fact that Nick knows about Rai's relationship but Rai doesn't know about Nick's relationship :3) Nick's girlfriend is 19 yo. 100% siren :3 They kinda live together :3

4. Shinji – 6 yo. boy whose mom is a maid and dad is a prince :) His mom and dad have been lovers for a long time (now and in their former lives). Shinji is the fruit of their love :) He acts a LOT older than he is and he loves his mom a LOT :) He lived 5 years without his dad because he left his mom before they even knew she was pregnant but somehow he found his way back to his one and only family! :3 Shinji is a total mommy's boy :3

5. Rose – 15 yo. Phoenix girl. She has serious issues with herself and doesn't know how to handle her problems or her powers. It's a shame that she acts like a total nympho and she wants to be the boss in the bed.. To be honest she's an emo who doesn't know what she wants to do.. Except for the fact that she wants to be with everyone she loves and be the MASTER of everything! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA~!!! She has no idea but she's a princess in an parallel universe where she's from.. (It's a good thing she doesn't know that!!!!). I can imagine how messed up her homeland would be if they'd get a sadistic ruler :<
II. One of your characters decides to make a grand entrance into a random tavern. How does that go? Pick either Character One or Character Four :

Shinji's too young so I'll go with Rosalia :)
Rosa lets Rai open the tavern door for her and walks in. She takes her sunglasses off and lets her blond hair down. She looks around and shrugs.
”This is okay for now I guess.. It's not like there's any other taverns for the next 15 miles and I'm tired of sitting in the car.” she says to Rai and walks to the bar. Her young, slim and beautiful body and face are known all over the country by now. She's the daughter of the ex-model Sarah, who quit the business, but Rosalia ain't like her mother, not at all.
Rai just shooks his head and follows his former student, current girlfriend and orders something to drink for both of them while the old geezers who normally inhabit the tavern keep gazing at his extremely beautiful and 10 years younger girlfriend.

III. Jealous, Character Three tries to make a grand entrance as well but somehow fails… why is that?

Nick runs to the tavern after his long trip to his true habitat, the forest. After a tiring and hot day out in the forest he really needs a drink. Nick opens the door and walks to the bartender with steps like he owns the place. When he gets to the female bartender he smiles and places his order.
”Hey, I'd like to get a beer.” he smiles and looks at the bartender. The woman looks away blushing like mad. Nick smiles and thinks that the bartender is just a bit shy and tries again.
”Could I get a beer please?”
”Get out of my tavern and stop harrassing my daughter you pervert!” Nick heards a deep voice behind him and turns around. The owner of the tavern stands right in front of him with an angry look on his face.
”What's wrong? I don't think I've done anything..” Nick says and looks at the owner. The owner looks at him even angrier and says:
”You have NO clothes on.”


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