Monday, January 17, 2011

OC Meme 1 part 2

IV. A character is surrounded by many enemies and decides that the only thing they can do is fight! How does that go? Pick either Character Two or Character Five

Sayuri was surrounded by men. She looked around her while she was panicking and tried to find a way out of the situation. The men wore black so she immediately guessed that they were from a mafia, but not from Taro's. She knew that Taro has made many enemies and everyone of them wanted Taro to suffer so that they could destroy his mafia which pretty much runs the whole city. Taro had fallen in love with Sayuri and someone had got the information about it. The information had spread fast and now the woman who Taro loved more than he loved his life was alone and surrounded by enemies, an easy kill. Sayuri tried to reach out for the gun that Taro had given her earlier – but it wasn't in her bag!
”Looking for this, cutie?”
the biggest man smiled unkindly and held Sayu's gun in his hands. The rest of the group was laughing with him. Sayu looked as if she would start to cry any second, little did the men knew that she had a phone in her bag and she called Taro and shut the phone almost immediately – a code Taro had told her. She was in trouble, in SERIOUS trouble and Taro knew it now. Sayu looked at the men and spoke with a trembling voice.
”He'll be here soon! You'll regret for even touching me!!”
the men laughed and took their guns. Their only target was cornered and helpless. When they were going to shoot they hear gun shots and their leader falls to the ground – dead. While the men look behind them and start shooting the men from Taro's mafia Sayu gets a chance to take her gun and starts shooting at the ”enemies” as well.

In the end there are only bodies laying in the ground. Sayuri looks around and feels a bit scared, she killed at least one of them.
she hears a familiar voice and before she could even react the familiar arms of her loved one are around her.
”I was worried sick! I thought that something might have happened to you..”
Taro whispers quietly to Sayu's ear and the woman smiles happily.
”I'm so sorry..”

V. Character Three is depressed and decides to get drunk.

”...and then she said that if she weren't with someone like me she would be married to a prince and would be a queen already.. But now that she's with ”someone like me” she gets nothing and hates her life and me and..."
Nick went on and on about his and Kimmy's life to the bartender. He was kicked out of his own apartment because his fiancé had gotten mad at him for no reason. It was only about 3pm and the bar was empty. The bartender hardly even listened to Nick's worries, he just cleaned the place up for the night and nodded his head now and then to keep Nick there and to sell drinks to him.
”I mean.. Why women are so..”
Nick mumbled as he was gulping down his beer.
” can anyone understands them and their frigging mood swings!?! They're fine in one minute and in the next they're throwing knives and daggers at you.. Fucking..”
the man continued mumbling and drinking more. He knew that getting drunk doesn't make anything better, he just wanted to forget his problems for a while.

VI. An event like no other takes place and Character One and Character Two get into a battle to the death. Who wins?

”I was going to buy that necklace!!! It was being held for me!!!”
Rosa yells to a blond girl who bought the necklace she wanted.
”Well obviously it wasn't because it was on the table and nobody was holding it.”
Sayu replies rudely to the girl and puts the necklace to her bag.
”and besides I've already paid for it so it's mine, tough luck.”
Sayu smiles a bit smugly and continues forward. Rosa bites her lip with anger and decides to follow the bitch who stole her necklace while she was on the phone with Rai.

Sayu does some shopping before she starts heading towards home. After getting to a peaceful and empty park she hears a voice.
”Give me the necklace or I'm going to kill you. For real. That was my necklace and you stole it.”
Rosa stands a few meters behind Sayu and sounds dead serious and angry as hell. Sayu smiles a bit and turns to face Rosa.
”I bought it so it's mine. And the one who's going to get killed will be you if you won't turn around and leave me alone. The necklace is mine. PERIOD.”
Sayu says and raises her gun to point at Rosa's heart. She is surprised to hear Rosa's laughter even though SHE is the one who's being targeted.
”You really think that a small gun will kill me? That thing won't even harm me!”
Rosa says and as she ends her sentence Sayuri starts shooting at her. Rosalia takes some hits but doesn't fall down. Sayu shoots until she's out of bullets. Sayuri breathes deeply and looks at Rosa who bleeds but isn't dead on the ground. She's terrified to see Rosalia smile even though she's fatally wounded and blood keeps running from her mouth.
”You took your time.”
Rosa smiles and looks behind the other girl. Sayu doesn't have any time to turn around and see who Rosa is talking to. A hand comes through her stomach and she starts vomiting blood. Her eyesight starts to go blurry and the last thing she hears before she stops breathing is:
”Don't you dare shooting at my wife”
Rosa smiles a bit as Rai takes his hand out of Sayuri's stomach and licks the bloond on his hands.
she says to Rai and walks to the body. She kneels down, checks Sayu's bag and takes the necklace out of there.
”That's what you get for stealing what's mine.”

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