Monday, January 31, 2011

A message I got from an African guy.

And I didn't edit it at all (my roommate can prove it. I even left the mistakes to be there. -__-)


Its gives me a great pleasure writting you this letter.How are you dowing?Hope you are dowing fine.I came across you at interpals and hoping to make a relationship with you.

Am 23 yrs now with a hazel eyes and black hair,5.6 ft tall and average build. I had been leaving with my parents in the city, but now lives in school,because of my exams i do spend time with friends over mails were from the school cafe and i enjoy been accompanied with good friends and loves sex in one partner at a time .

There is an English proverb which says that It doesn't take much time for two to love each other .It all need trust,commitments and seriousness to get into nice relationship. for me handsomeness,money,Age,Race or religion doesn't count for me as long as there is understanding and love between both parties. Anyway it is totally your choice to accept or ignore my friendship but what I personal want is a Good relationship too that will yield something good in future, not just ordinary if you really cares for in-termite relationship as said, OK no problem,You are highly welcome to my life,

I hope to hear from you soon. take care of your self and keep your mind,soul and body awake for love.My regards to all in your family.My face book name is Omar Jallow i have my pictures there

Ever One,
Alpha omar

THAT kind of messages I get at least once a week (3!!!!! during this Monday) Guess how mad I am!! I'm seriously NOT looking for a relationship now and I think it's clearly shown on my profile!!! -__- So yeah..
I really need the sleep now so I can continue ignoring these messages. -__-


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  1. ''There is an English proverb which says that It doesn't take much time for two to love each other''
    Well... I know an English proverb which says ''Who the hell told you to call me Dear?''
    How are you dowing? hahahah :P