Monday, January 31, 2011

Me Needs...

(Not a "normal" blog post.. And I'm NOT sorry for that :'D)

Elricest(Or EdXRoy). COSPLAY. Anime. RPGs (video games + internet (writing) RPGs) andandand.. Time would be lovely as well.. THANK YOU SANTA!!! (if you can make my wish come true)

WHY those things?

First of all..

ELRICEST is the best pairing ever 83 I LOVE it :3

Photo editing ©Ninnu
Ninnu as the best Al there is (the left one) me as Ed :3

And RoyXEd/EdXRoy.. I really need to buy more doujinshis about those two.. I know the 4 that I have by heart already D:

awws x3

God I miss cosplay ;__; Haven't been cosplaying in a LOOOOOOOOOOOOO~NG time and I REALLY miss it :(

Next year I have at least 5(?) "new" cosplays.. :S

Nana Osaki from NANA
Ciel Phantomhive from Kuroshitsuji
Hatsune Miku from Vocaloid (Duke Venomania's Madness Version)
Patricia "Patty" Thompson from Soul Eater
Hayner from Kingdom Hearts II (Cosplay will be borrowed as Roxas cosplays were :))

So yeah.. The one I'm currently waiting most is Hatsune Miku.. :3 It'll be great to cosplay as her (NOT the usual costume she has) and this time the cosplayer is skinny :3 Somehow I feel a bit bad everytime I see someone who is a bit overweighed cosplaying as a skinny character.. :/

If the character looks like this shouldn't you be at least almost as skinny as she is (but let's not forget that the character isn't real so.. :))

And old cosplay photos:

Photo © Kimmy Editing © Ninnu

Riku's sexy pink bag FTW :3

Magic Knight Rayearth x33

Casual Miku
Photo © Kimmy

Another Vocaloid cosplay that I'd love to try is Miku from Alluring Secret ~Black Vow~ her dress is just so cute :3

And the last thing.. I NEED THE RPGS!!!!!!!! ;;__;; I can live one week/month without video games BUT I NEED AT LEAST THE WRITTEN RPGS EVERYDAY!!!!! ;;__;; I'M BORED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;;__;;
If that's not possible..... You won't be hearing from me anymore :((



  1. AAAH. Roy/Ed is one of my favourite pairings ever. ♥ Which doujinshis do you have? :--)

  2. God.. I can't remember the names D:
    The only one I CAN remember is:
    Purple Beast (

    All of the others are doujinshis that I've never before seen anywhere online :) I can show those to you if you want ;)

  3. Heh, toi vika on selvästi vinkkinä mulla xD
    ja sitten tosta mikun asusta jota oot miettiny, niin mä oon halunnu tehä kanssa just sen mekon ;;__;;

  4. Ai oikeesti? :O MITE NII?????? :OO
    Joo.. Se o AIVA ihana!!! Mut ne sen hiukset D: Pitäs ostaa peruukki D:

  5. Thanks! And please do - I'm always up for some good ol' RoyxEd ♥