Monday, January 17, 2011


When I told my dad that a friend (penpal) of mine is coming over during the summer he was happily surprised.. He asked me whether she's the one that taught me to listen to K-pop..

I was quiet for a minute and told him that it's a he..

It feel weird to have close penpals who are the opposite sex and have SO much to talk about.. It's almost unreal..

While I can talk easily with guys I'm still single..

I've started to wonder whether I've ever been in love for real..

I don't need to experience those magical fairytale endings or magical moments..

It's just that..
and I'm tired of seeing too many happy couples all around me..

All I want is a relationship that would last..

Howcome every guy I meet becomes a friend but that's it.. Even if I would be interested in them, they aren't interested in me..

All I want is to feel loved..

photos from WeHeartIt

Is it too much to ask?


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