Tuesday, January 25, 2011

January 25th 2010~

NOTHING special but I have nothing else to do (I'm ignoring the pile of homework I have) and I decide to write something pointless again :)

So. Yesterday WASN'T my day at all.. I was so angry at everyone and everything.. I took it out on my friend (luckily she knows when I'm angry at other people and when I'm angry at her so she just tried to keep her cool :) even though I was a total ass towards her..)

I saw Michael again after a while (well I did go to "Story Of English" class last Friday but I guess he didn't see me then..).. He just looked at me and gave me a pile of papers.
"I want you to do these and show them when you're done."
I was surprised and it was so close that I didn't start crying! After "Communication Skills" class I went to him and asked whether I need to do everything for tomorrow and luckily he said that I can take my time as long as I show those within 2 or 3 weeks.. :) Sometimes I love him :)

And I'm skipping my Japanese class tomorrow even though I said and promised I wouldn't~ I just don't have time for unneccessary classes at the moment.. I need to concentrate on English Philology.

Today's re-take exam was a disaster.. I didn't study at all.. I kinda passed the whole course with the first exam but I only got "1" from the whole course (grades: 0-5, 1 being pass and 5 being the best).. So the exam was about British History.. (and just in case people don't know, I HATE history unless it's about the Celts, Ancient Egypt or Greece). I studied one part "18th Century Society" and I knew it by heart. But guess did the teacher put it to the exam!
In the end I managed to write something about the changes in society etc in the 1960's and of the First British Empire.. I hope I'll get a 2..

Pictures from WeHeartIt

The thing that really saved my day today was a message from a 19 years old guy from the US who looks like a rockstar ;)

"If you do not mind me saying, olet kaunis :)"
[translated: you are beautiful :)]

It's been a while since I've get messages like those and I was SO happy.. I feel like crap and that I'm the ugliest person on the planet and I get a message like that :)

And I got messages from Rob and Karli :3
Rob (he's a guy from Mexico I somehow met.. I think he sent a message to me first :)) and I managed to exchange postcards with him (I'm still waiting for his card.. It's been traveling for over 2,5 weeks :( ) and yesterday Karli received the package I sent her about 2 weeks ago :D She was so happy to be able to finally taste salmiakki :D I can't wait to hear what she thought about it :)
And I'm pribably meeting people when I go to the UK in August (HOPEFULLY!) I'll be flying to Edinburgh and hopefully meet with Betchi :) I've been talking with her on-off for a year now and last time I didn't tell her anything about my trip (I hadn't talked with her in a while so..) But this time :) She'll be in Edinburgh for the first time, for me it will be the second time and we'll probably spend some time at Edinburgh Fringe Festival :DD Matthew did talk to me about it but I was so tired and I didn't listen to him (sorry Matt!!!!)
Maybe this time I'll visit the castle as well :)

I still have this urge to go somewhere as soon as possible! :D Even Sweden or Estonia would be great as long as I don't need to stay in Finland :D
And I'd LOVE to go to Israel this year if I can't get into any public universities.. :3 I obviously have the travel fever :DD

And some photos from London August 9th 2010
The city I might never return to after May 18th 2011

I know that some people can't understand why I don't want to go to London again :D I've been there twice (4 days) and I've mostly experienced and seen everything there is.. (Excluding Bukingham Palace (which we'll probably go and see during the study trip), London zoo (I want to go to Edinburgh zoo in August!!!) and London eye..)

That's it for today :)
Oh! And thank you for the 7th reader :) I was pleasantly surprised :)



  1. You still angry about something or have I done something (sorry if I have)?

    I don't want to go to Buckingham. That's, like, the last place on earth that I'd like to visit. Maybe we can runaway.

  2. Hei toi lontoon kello on tuttu ;D oon niin ilone, että sain sen sult kirjeen mukana :D

    Mul tuli vaan mieleen, että luekko sä niinku ollenkaa mun blogia? Ku mietin vaan että pitäskö lopettaa, ku on jotenki niin turhauttavaa kirjottaa ku kukaa ei tunnu sanovan ikin niihin mitää :/ pitäs varmaan kutsuu lisää lukijoit..

  3. Luen useita blogeja enkä ehi kaikkiin (joissaki tapauksissa mihinkää) kommentoimaa.. :) Ja ei munkaa blogii yleesä oo mitää kommentoitu, nyt vast vähä aikaa sitte jotkut on alkanu..
    Mä kirjotan koska haluun purkaa itteeni. Ilman lukijoitaki jatkasin kirjottamista :) Saisin pitää päiväkirjan :)