Tuesday, January 18, 2011

If This Was A Movie

An assignment to change one text type to another.. I chose to change Taylor Swift's lyrics "If This Was A Movie" to a short story.. I'm sick and I have nothing else to do so.. Enjoy? (I'm so sure that I'll be failing this one D:)
And yes, I know that it's crappy.. I have a fever and my mind moves as fast as a snail D:

Rosa was sitting on her bed. It was morning but she was extremely tired. She didn't sleep at all last night because her heart had been pounding so hard that she really thought she heard someone coming up the stairs. It has been six months since HE left but she was still waiting for him to come back. Even though Rosa knew it was futile and that he would never come back to her or to the town they used to live in, together. She had too many happy memories of them and she kept playing them in her mind. The girl was smiling through her tears. She was sad but the memories of the past kept making her smile no matter what. The memories were her way out of the harsh reality where she needed to go through everything all alone. She knew that memories wouldn't help or save her and that going back in her mind wasn't that healthy for herself. But she wanted to remember how it felt to be with him and how the time stood still everytime they were together.

As the day went by Rosa was still sitting on her bed watching the raindrops racing on the window. It was raining as if the weather knew how she felt. She wished her life would be like all of those romantic movies, the man would come back no matter what. The men in the movies even stood in the rain for hours just to wait for their one and only love to come out of the house. When the woman comes out the man apologizises for everything and the lovers kiss in the rain. But Rosa knew that real life ain't like the movies at all, that's why those are so popular amongst young girls, that's why he hadn't come back.

”I know that everything changes.. People, life.. Everything.. People do grow apart but why..?”
Rosa sobbed to the phone as her best friend just listened to her. Her friend didn't have anything to say, Rosa just needed someone to talk to and that's why she had called.
”His arms were always so warm and locked around me...”
she cried and remembered the happy but still so sad memories she had of him.
”No matter where I go I keep running after him even though he's not here anymore... But... He said that... He said...”
Rosa crashed down and cried to the phone like she had never cried before.
”He said that nothing would change... We would stay together forever...”
she kept going on even though her friend couldn't understand what she said.
”Maybe you should call him..”
her friend said and hang up the phone. Rosa was left alone and she couldn't stop crying. The memories and reality hurted so much.

”Hey.. If you're still somewhere in here.. No matter what has happened.. I'll be waiting here for you to come back.. I want everything to be the way it used to be.. I want to see you back at my front door.. Even though reality isn't like the movies I still hope to see you one of these days..”
Rosa said and hung up the phone.


  1. Pretty story :) Tästä vois tehdä pitemmänki version tai sitte jatkoo. Mun mielestä oli ainaki hyvä tarina :)

  2. En oo jatkamassa tai mitää :) Kirjotin tän varmuuden vuoks, ku se pitäs olla huomenna tunnilla mut en oo menossa.. :)
    Eikä tääkää oikee innostanu.. :) Memen kirjottamine o paljo hauskempaa :)

  3. Ok. Tarkotin vaan että tää on hyvä, että olis ollut kiintoisa oikeenaki tarinana johon tulis aina jatkoo...

  4. mä oon kuullu muutaki hyvää palautetta mut oon liia laiska kirjottaa tätä :)