Monday, January 3, 2011

I Can Breathe Once Again

Even though I'm dead busy with school work after school started again.. At least I don't have to stay at home.. There's nothing but fighting.. I'm ashamed to invite my friends over because you never know what might happen.. and WHEN..

The New Year was nice.. I spent it with Ninnu (even though the portfolio and Japanese homework kept haunting me :() and I really enjoyed it :) Now I'm back at the dorm and tired as hell.. I could crawl to my bed and sleep for the next 2 days (I'm seriously getting a cold at the moment.. I was freezing during our "Shakespeare class" and it's even worse here at the dorm :(
But I'll still finish my portfolio tonight. Or else I'm screwed.

After a week and a half I had received 11 postcards through postcrossing and to be honest I didn't like any of those.. Why do people buy and send ugly cards? I try to choose my cards so that even I would like to receive those (and I'm kinda picky) so why can't other people do the same? :/ And I also got 2 letters which cheered me up a bit :) It's nice to get mail once in a while :)

Photos from WeHeartIt

But now I better go and start to work on my portfolio so that I will get it done in time :) And then I can go to bed and try to get rid of my fever which I got today.. LOVELY!


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