Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Don't feel like spending time with those at the moment.. :(

I can't stand winter in Finland or stupid Finns who keep saying that Finns are quiet and everything. Well if you are from Helsinki and keep your eyes glued to your feet whenever you're somewhere it's not a surprise.
I'm not fully Finn but I still consider myself as a Finn. So I really get angry when people keep strenghtening the stereotype of Finns. WHY THE HELL DO YOU NEED TO DO THAT?!?!?!?! Aren't we (our generation) trying to create a better Finland? Even though we have these long winters we can always try to act nice towards each other. Can't we?

If you ask me we should take people who are against the changing of Finland's image to the forest and shoot them there. D: That would be a clean extermination of them and there would be nothing on our way.

While on this subject.. Children should be taught to fell in love with PEOPLE. Not teach them that girls can only love boys and boys can only love girls. There has been homosexuality ever since the beginning of human kind. So it shouldn't be considered as an abnormal thing. It is normal. People fell in love with other people. There ain't such a rule that girls can't love girls and boys can't love boys :)

Imagine how much nicer the whole country would be :) People would be more open, people wouldn't need to care about their sexuality, everyone would be accepted and foreigners would have a good reason to come back to visit Finland :)

And now that I've start this I think I'll continue :)
In my mind religions that are supposed to rule over people or give rules how people can and cannot act should be demolished. How can anyone prove that someone like Jesus has ever lived.
If I go out and start running around claiming that I'm a daughter of God, go to Mental Hospitals and gather some people who really believe in me and after my death someone writes a book which claims that I was a messiah and how I'm going to save everyone in the end.

.....maybe I should really try to do that..
Anyways, would you consider THAT a religion? If not, then why do you think that Christianity is any better? Who can prove that the writes were sane?

But yeah. In my mind religions are unneeded. For example Pope. What gives him the reason to ban kondoms from Africa or abortion from countries in South America? And to hide the truth about pedophile priests?

And the whore from Finland's Christian Democrats, go fuck yourself and give a blowjob to your son. :)



  1. About love you are just right! :D

    But about the Christianity.. I won't say anything.

  2. I agreed on everything written here.

    Sometimes it makes me furious to live in Finland because of how people are here. It annoys me that in here, when you go and talk to a stranger, everyone looks at you like you've lost it. Or sit with a stranger in a bus. That's the worst; the one you're sitting with tries to move as far away from you as possible. It's amusing that even after all these years, people still haven't chnaged in here.

    Religion has never been anything for me. I call myself atheist because I don't believe in religion, in any of them. I think religion has brought more harm than good to people. If it brings safety and support for some people, great, I'm not judging, as long as someone doesn't try to convert me. I think it is weird to obey someone you have never met and who might have never existed. My parents were never religious and it is just something I have never felt was a part of my life.

    And on the matter of homosexuality - you're absolutely right. If children would be taught from the day they were born to fall in love with a person, not the gender, things would be a lot easier. Imagine how great things would be if everyone was bi-sexual : ---)