Sunday, January 16, 2011


We've known for years and it's weird to realize how much we both have changed.. In our case some of the changes were and are good but some....... The whole time you've known me I've been suicidal and depressed.. I've had some good phases and some really good ones but when I fall back to depression.. But still you've stayed by my side all of the time.. And I'm thankful for that.. You know me better than anyone else but there's some things even you don't know about me..
You were continuously claiming that the "me" I developed into during 2010 wasn't the real me..
It's partly true and partly not.. 2010 wasn't my year.. Too many things happened.. 2009 too many died and the fact kept hunting me in 2010..

It was nice to see you after a while.. Especially if we won't be seeing that much after the summer.. We're both applying to universities and that'll put some distance between us.. (Unfortunately) I know that this won't stop us from calling each other during the nights or early mornings.. But it does mean that we both need to start learning how to talk about everything.

Thank you for being my friend.
Even when we can't stand each other.


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