Thursday, January 20, 2011

Boys Boys Boys..

Girls hate them, love them, wear make up to look good just for them, change guys like clothes..

I had many crushes during Secondary School and dated a couple of guys. The only relationship that was ALMOST working was my first love but that was destroyed, all thanks to me. My atrological sign is Leo and I do act like one. Even though I don't believe in horoscopes..

"You tend to take people who love you for granted and this is quite a negative trait as the relationship could turn into a love-hate one"

And I guess that pretty much happened.. After that I haven't had any "proper" relationships with guys.. Most of them have just been friends for me and after I got into High School I pretty much gave up on looking for someone to date.. I did have some "It's complicated - we like each other but don't know whether to start dating or not" relationships and some cases when I was turned down.
Can you imagine me running after a guy just to confess? Me neither. I'm not like that usually and if I've done something like that I've pretty much been ignored.

But after 3 years of watching one of my friends being happy with a guy and now seeing as my roommate is falling in love I've started thinking what I want.. I'd like to date but I'm picky. I'm not talking about the looks but I want a guy who has a great sense of humour.. I just tend to judge people before I even start talking with them.. :/

But because of my current life dating wouldn't even be an opition.. I'm too busy with school and my studies.. I would go mad if I'd be dating a guy who'd ask me whether I'm okay or not.. OR hear my grandma asking me or my mom when will I give birth to a healthy baby.

When I was 8 I decided to move away from Finland as soon as I could. I want to become a teacher somewhere in the Far East and travel all around the globe.. Would a boyfriend fit in my plans? Maybe.
But I think I prefer being a single. I've met so many guys that have been a let down. They've bought me chocolate even though I've been constantly saying that I CAN'T eat chocolate or anything with milk because I'm allergic.
Guys don't listen.

I've even learned to be strong and take care of myself, I've met some great friends and spent time with them. I learned to love myself. And I can flirt with guys as much as I like (if I feel like it~). PJ days are also high on the list, I don't have to look great if I don't feel like it. :)

Sorry guys!
Being single is much more fun than playing with you.


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  1. "wear make up to look good just for them" <-- toi on niin totta.. Mä en tajua xD oon ittekki sortunut moiseen. Myönnän, että tahdon joskus näyttää poikien silmis paremmalt.. Mut ku nyt rupee aatteleen oikeestaan se on varmaanki vaan mun omaks iloks :3
    Kyll mä uskon että on sellanen jäbä, joka lähtis sun mukaan. Mut niinku sanottu, ei kundii kannata ettii, se tulee vastaan itte xD

    Toivottavasti vointis paranee !!!