Wednesday, January 5, 2011

100th Blog Post~

It feels a bit weird.. I've been writing for about 10 months now and it just feels strange to think that I've written 100 blog posts..

Anyways~ A short vacation started today (after 3 short school days~) and I can spend it however I like (I just need to read some books.. :P)
I feel extremely relaxed and I can't wait to go and start writing letters~ ^^

Oh~ I received some CUTE postcards through postcrossing, the newest one is of two Maine Coon kittens :3 I love those cats and I'd like to get one (700-1200€ D:) The postcard came from Czech Republic

I LOVE it! :)

And I heard that my parents are going to Croatia and Montenegro next August D: What about me and my trip to UK? D:
And I've already told my mom what kind of postcards I want them to send me.. :3

Well, I need to go and start writing the letters :)


1 comment:

  1. Aww miten sulosii !! :) Tosta sainki hyvän idiksen yhteen juttuun sulle ;D

    Hyvä kuulla, että menee paremmin! Voimia ~