Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Night time blogging

To be honest I can't go to bed early nowadays.. I don't feel tired at all.. But I could sleep for the whole day if I just could.. :) So.. Now I'm just bored and sharing some of my own AMVS/viddies in here because youtube is being an ASS and won't show those (at least not in Finland D:)

Kuroshitsuji - Shattered

Doctor Who - Who Knew

Uutisvuoto (Finnish version of : DO I HAVE NEWS FOR YOU)
Joulukuusen varastaminen

Helsinkiläiset vs. Lumi

Doctor Who
God I LOVE the series! I usually can't stand sci-fi series but I LOVE Doctor Who.. I cried a LOT when I watched the Christmas & New Year's special of 2009 and the Doctor's actor changed.. But not as much as I did during season finales of 2006 and 2008.. :( David Tennant will always be the best Doctor & Timelord.. Maybe I should start watching the series again starting from 2005 :DD

She Is Returning/Doctor Who

10th Doctor's (David Tennant) Death

And after that I haven't watched any Doctor Who episodes.. I'm against the new Doctor - Matt Smith (without a reason!) and this is the first time I've seen the trailer of the series in 2010..

Doctor Who trailer - 2010

And Weeping Angels are back :( I HATED that episode from the 3rd series and honestly cried because I was so afraid!! After the episode "Blink" I was afraid of statues for a LONG time!!


and that's not even scary comparing to the whole episode!

And then there's the first really scary episode from the first series with Ecclestone as the Doctor

The Empty Child

But maybe I should go to bed before I start getting nightmares thanks to Doctor Who ;D