Thursday, December 30, 2010

This blog dies now..

unless someone gives me a bloody good reason to continue writing it.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas continues~

God I love my parents SO much :D
They promised to buy me another trip to UK next year as my Christmas present<3 So I'll be going there TWICE next year!!! :D OH MY GOD I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!! :D First trip is May 7th-18th with my classmates to Wales and London and the second one might be around August when I might fly to Edinburgh with my current roommate Emma :) She'll go there twice as well but after a couple of nights in Edinburgh our roads would separate because I'm planning to spend the vacation around northern England where the people are extremely kind and Emma's going to Wales to meet her penpal :)


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Night time blogging

To be honest I can't go to bed early nowadays.. I don't feel tired at all.. But I could sleep for the whole day if I just could.. :) So.. Now I'm just bored and sharing some of my own AMVS/viddies in here because youtube is being an ASS and won't show those (at least not in Finland D:)

Kuroshitsuji - Shattered

Doctor Who - Who Knew

Uutisvuoto (Finnish version of : DO I HAVE NEWS FOR YOU)
Joulukuusen varastaminen

Helsinkiläiset vs. Lumi

Doctor Who
God I LOVE the series! I usually can't stand sci-fi series but I LOVE Doctor Who.. I cried a LOT when I watched the Christmas & New Year's special of 2009 and the Doctor's actor changed.. But not as much as I did during season finales of 2006 and 2008.. :( David Tennant will always be the best Doctor & Timelord.. Maybe I should start watching the series again starting from 2005 :DD

She Is Returning/Doctor Who

10th Doctor's (David Tennant) Death

And after that I haven't watched any Doctor Who episodes.. I'm against the new Doctor - Matt Smith (without a reason!) and this is the first time I've seen the trailer of the series in 2010..

Doctor Who trailer - 2010

And Weeping Angels are back :( I HATED that episode from the 3rd series and honestly cried because I was so afraid!! After the episode "Blink" I was afraid of statues for a LONG time!!


and that's not even scary comparing to the whole episode!

And then there's the first really scary episode from the first series with Ecclestone as the Doctor

The Empty Child

But maybe I should go to bed before I start getting nightmares thanks to Doctor Who ;D


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Persona 3 FES

God I love the game!! :D Even though people said that it would be scarier than Persona 4, IT ISN'T! :D I prefer Persona 4's OP but 3 FES's OP is okay.. :3

Vic Mignogna has given his voice to Junpei!!! :3

Friday, December 24, 2010

The Best Christmas Present?

is of course the one(s) you buy for yourself ages before Christmas (but after your birthday which in my case is ~5 months before Christmas) but your mom, dad or someone else hides those from you :( I bought Lauren Kate's "Torment" in August (it was released before the start of October and I got it early but mom took it away..) and I bought Persona 4 and Persona 3 FES ages ago but mom took away both of those.. After crying and begging she gave me the 4th one but said that she'll keep the other one until Christmas..
But now I have both of those!! ^^

btw, Merry Christmas everyone~!


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Break would be lovely!

The last one, PLEASE! :)

Merii Kurisumasu~

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2011 everyone~ :)

School ended yesterday around 10.30am after my failed pronunciation exam but I'm still at the dorm :) I bought the train ticket a bit too early and now I'm suffering because of it.. :( The train leaves around 5.20pm (Unless it's late like the trains last night D:) Emma didn't leave last night like she had planned.. Her train was 1,5 hours late! D: So she spent the night at the dorm with me~ :3
And she left this morning around 10.30am.. Now I'm spending 5 more hours by myself listening to music (not Christmas music, can't stand it D:) And writing letters~ :3
Tomorrow I'll be working for some time (don't know exactly how long but still.. :( ) and after that I'll finish my portfolio and then I can relax :3 Can't wait~

"You´re a bum you´re a punk
You´re an old slut on junk
Lying there almost dead on a drip in that bed
You scumbag you maggot
You cheap lousy faggot
Happy christmas your arse I pray god it´s our last."


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bye Bye Sanity, Hello BreakDown

"I hardly care at all
What's going on fails to concern me

Cos I'm locked behind my wall
But you know what drives me out

Out of my mind

If all you have to say is "Take care" or "Everything's gonna be okay" just keep your mouth shut, I've heard that a million times and it just makes me feel worse or angry.

I feel so helpless and I'm going to breakdown any minute now.. I'm SO stressed and I can't talk about it to anyone.. NONE of my friends (outside of school) understands what I'm going through! They just keep saying that I'm exaggerating.. It's easy for them to say, they aren't studying a foreign language! Maybe 2 of 50 hours may be in Finnish!!! I have to learn everything about English in English!!! Could you learn a foreign language in foreign language? I bet most of my friends couldn't!
It's easy for people to say that everything will be better if you're not studying in university or anything at university level!!
And no, at the moment I don't give a F*CK even if I make mistakes!!! I'm so f*cking pissed!!!

And why can't I go to parties or meet my friends?

And one of my friends is studying art in a private school.. Who got you interested in drawing and art? It's so f*cking nice not to hear anything about it! Could you even ONCE acknowledge me?
I'm pretty sure you won't acknowledge me, why would you?

Maybe it's better to leave things unsaid...

"by the way, I made it throught the day"

I'm not sure about anything anymore.. Do I have friends outside of the school or not.. I kept telling everyone before the year started that I would lose most of my friends but nobody believed or listened to me..

And it did happen!!! None of my so called friends keeps in touch with me unless I sent a message to them..

And they f*cking have the NERVE to call me a dear and important friend, even the BEST friend!!!!

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I'm SO sick of everything and I'm so stressed at the same time.. I don't know whether I will or won't write more after this or will I just disappear for many months..

I don't care about my so called friends anymore since they don't even have the time to think about me or ask/text me how I am..

Have a f*cking great New Year and Christmas without me and don't wonder if I won't reply to your messages,
why would I?