Monday, October 18, 2010

Packing Up Once Again..

Little by little I'm getting sick of traveling between dorm and home.. I know that my parents want to see me once in a while, especially if I'm moving abroad in 2012.. But packing up almost every week is making me sick..
And somehow I wouldn't like to even think that this one year will be over too soon.. I love the dorm, I love my school, I love my new friends, I love my roommate! :) I never imagined that this year would be so great! I read from some sites that former students have enjoyed the school as well and said that "the year was like a GREAT book that is finished way too soon but after that you just think that it was SO worth it!" :)

And about moving abroad.. I've been thinking about Scotland.. :) I fell in love with Edinburgh when I were there.. So I'd LOVE to move there.. :) I really love Scotland :3
I know some of my friends and family members don't like the thought of me moving abroad (for example my grandma said that she won't fly there ever so I have to come to her if I want to see her).. But things are just like how my mom has said: "I can't imagine her living in Finland when she's older.." My mom and dad have traveled a lot when they were my age, my mom went alone to Australia to meet her family (uncle, aunt and two cousins whom I met when I were there :)) and my dad has worked in UK when he was about my age.. So their support has woken this feeling inside me that there's so much more to see than just boring Finland :)
And when I was talking with my grandma yesterday she said that ever since I turned 15 she has somehow known that my husband won't be Finnish.. :) Well, maybe he could be Finn but I won't forgive myself if I get stuck here :)

Oh, and I met my lovely godchild yesterday :) Lotta is 3 years old and lovely :) She looks like her big sister! :) I haven't seen Lotta in a while so I was happy to be able to play with her (properly) for the first time.. :) And it seemed like she had a great time.. :) But I still don't know what I should get her for Christmas :) I asked what she wishes to get from Santa and at first she said she doesn't know but when I started watching some cosplay photos in deviantart she started saying: "I want that, I want that, I want that"........... :) Hopefully I will meet her again soon :)

Well.. I really need to pack up now.. :)


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