Sunday, October 10, 2010

An Open Letter To My (Dead) Cat

Hi Pippuri.
First of all: No, I haven't forgotten about you. It just hurts like hell to think that you're gone and I don't want to think about it like that.. That's why I haven't visited your grave in a while.. I REALLY miss you and finally I've kinda gotten over the worst shock.. But I don't know whether I can ever get a new pet or not.. You're the only one for me and I'm sad we got to spend only 2,5 years together.. The time we spent together is still so precious.. I still remember how happy I was when I saw you a couple of days after your birth, you were so cute and helpless and I was happy when my parents agreed to get a cat.. I watched you grow up until we got you after 6-8 weeks of waiting. I was so happy and we honestly spoiled you! You got to do whatever you wanted and we gave all our love to you. Even my mom started to love cats, before you she couldn't even look at one but since you came she has become a cat person.. You were the most beautiful lady I had seen and you still are!

I haven't thought of you lately and I'm sorry for that.. I've been busy with everything else but tonight I saw that mom lighted a lantern outside and I immediately remembered the night we buried you and how we kept a lantern beside your grave the whole winter.. And I immediately started to cry because I can't hold you in my arms again until I die.. I still remember the way I hold you the night, some minuted befor you drowned to our neighbour's well.. After over 10 months I'm still not talking to the neighbours.. If the man wouldn't be such a lazy bastard you would still be alive and I could sleep beside you.. We all lost a big part of ourselves when you died.. The house has been so empty since then.. I miss you SO much.. But at least I know that you're with your mom and dad.. I still wish I could have saved you..
I love you SO much and I wish I could see you at least once again..

Enjoy your life in the other side and don't forget us because we won't ever forget you!!!

R.I.P Pippuri March 18th 2007-December 6th 2009

Forever yours,

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