Tuesday, October 5, 2010

An Open Letter To Mr.PERFECT

Dear Mr. Perfect,
Why do you have to smile to me and look me in the eyes everytime we meet? It makes my heart beat faster everytime and I feel like everything is just fine, like the whole world would be smiling with you. But I never stop just to look you in the eyes and smile back at you.. Everytime we greet each other it's just a greeting and then we've already passed each other. Sometimes I feel like I should turn around and chace you but I always keep myself under control and continue my way forward.

I've already heard that you have someone in your heart, someone I know, so why do you have to smile to me? Why can't you just ignore me the way I TRY to ignore you?
Last week you weren't anywhere in sight and I was somehow a bit happy, I thought that I could get over you but what happened this week? I saw you talking with your friends during lunch and my heart skipped a beat. I was so happy to see you again even though I thought that I had already moved forward. We have only one class together. Only one and often we sit almost miles apart but this week you sat so close to me I was scared you heard what me and my friends talked about. But I was still happy. You stood in the front of the classroom being interviewed and I learned again something new about you.. When my interview was taking place I was so scared what you would think of me, the questions were so hard and I was SO scared, I HATE being infront of the class, especially when there's someone I like watching me.
After that class I didn't see you, before this morning.. Luckily for me I didn't have time to concentrate on you but after classes I met you in the dorm while you were talking with your friends, I was going to my room with my roommate and as I was walking up the stairs you once again looked me in the eyes and smiled at me with that angelic smile..

Please, just let me go forward with my life. Ignore me and let me get depressed for a while and pick myself up again so that I can go on with my life and keep you and your smile as a beautiful memory.

Sincerely yours,

ps. I love you

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