Friday, October 1, 2010

Late Night Music

100 km Ouluun

olen nähnyt, olen nähnyt
kuinka niiden iho muuttuu
tiedän kun ne rakastuu
ja kun ne suuttuu
mitä pidemmälle, mitä pidemmälle
mitä pidemmälle mä tuun
sitä huonommin muistan kaiken muun

Symphonie (translated)

"Tell me what has happened to us
Suddenly you look to me like a completely stranger
Because I don't feel right anymore
When I'm in your arms
Doesn't care anymore what's about us?

Where do you want to go? I can't almost see you
Our pride is standing in our way
Didn't we want to try everything? Maybe we have betrayed ourselves?
I thought we could stand it

And now silence is all around us
Because we are standing in the rain, we don't have anything to offer anymore
And it's better you leave

Because it's time
To admit this cannot be anymore
There's nothing else to talk because when it rains like this
It's better give in

And silence gets thick around us
I don't understand your words anymore
Have we tried too many things? Why we couldn't see it coming?
It's not going to be easy to admit all this
Somewhere we failed
And the way it is, it cannot be
The end has been written long time ago
And this was our..."

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