Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Postcrossing cards (2nd update)

I have 2 postcrossing accounts (yes, I'm that addicted to postcrossing :S) and today I received 4 postcards for my 2nd account in which I call myself Roxy (well one of my friends calls me that so.. :)) and the postcards were from Italy, Netherlands, Taiwan and Japan :3 I really liked all of those :3
And I received a letter from Finland.. (I'm trying to finish all of my homework as soon as possible so that I could write letters :))

But the postcards I've received to my main postcrossing account:

From China

From Ukraine

From Netherlands :(

From USA

From Poland

From Switzerland

From Taiwan

From Finland

From Netherlands/Canada

From USA

From Finland

My favourite postcards (and postcards I ask for are:)
From Finland:
Linda Peltola's Fairy cards
Kiroileva Siili cards
Kaj Stenvall's Duck cards :)

From everywhere else:
churches/temples (outside & aerial views)
Fantasy cards (fairies, unicorns etcetcetc :D)
Black and White cards (my favourites! :))
Hello Kitty and Moomin cards
Tatty Teddy (Me To You Bears)
BIRD, Cat, Horse or Cow cards
Nature cards (mostly sunsets, sunrises and cherry blossoms)
Capitals&Big cities
Colourful cards/B&W cards with one colour standing out
Famous Buildings (Eiffel tower etc :))

Yes.. I AM postcard addict.. As well as letter and tea addict x3 I LOVE sending and receiving cards and letters :3



  1. Hahaa, ihania kortteja<3 :3
    Nyt mäkin pääsen addiktoitumaan tohon >8D

  2. veikkaan että sullaki ne ekat kortit tulee kyl olee AIKA rumia ;DD Kaikilla o vaikuttanu olevan :D Mulla, Emmalla, mun ja Emman yhteisellä accountilla :'D

  3. voi ei xDDD Nooh, ei se mua haittaa ;D