Friday, September 17, 2010

"Grow Me A Garden of Roses"

At the same time I love my life at the dorm but I also hate it.. But still, I wouldn't trade it away for anything :) I finally feel myself independent but not alone.. :)
On the other hand I'm happy I'm not alone but on the other sometimes I wish I could have some time on my own, but no.. Well, at least I get to go home now and then.. :)

I kinda hate my classes (well, at least Practical Grammar, English Tutorial and Phonetics classes.. :)) but I still love to study English in here.. :) Sounds a bit contradictory, doesn't it? :) Well, I hate when Keijo, our Finnish teacher is in the class but when Michael, our Canadian teacher is there I'm loving almost every moment of it! :) I know Michael can speak almost perfect Finnish (He was in Jyväskylä when I was taking the entrance exam to university of Jyväskylä and after the exam I had to give my papers to him, I just realized it yesterday when I was talking with Elisa and she said that she was taking the same exam in the same class and it was Michael :DD and I once went to take some postcards to the mail box and I heard him talking with the secretary :3) but he uses ONLY English when he's talking with us :)

AND.. I've seen this drop dead GORGEOUS guy here.. For the last 3 weeks the only thing I've known about him is that he's studying in "University classes" while I'm in "Language classes, English Philology".. Yesterday I heard him name accidentally and I heard that Elisa has talked with him and Emma (Elisa's roommate knows him somehow..) and now I know his age and lots of other things about him.. I wish to meet him next Wednesday in a party somewhere in the dorm :) If I could just go to him and start talking to him.. He can't be all that bad since he smiles when our eyes meet and he greets me now and then :) I was a bit disappointed when I heard that he's not here for the weekend but maybe next week.. And at least Topi(?) is here and he seems nice, came to the tv room last night when I was there alone watching Doctor Phil.. Topi studies in the other English class, "Cambridge" and he's a bit older than me (and TALLER :DD).. SO lately I've noticed that we have few but good looking guys studying in here ;)

But now I got to go~ I have to go shopping, clear my mind after last night's "party" and finish my homework today so that I can go to bars with Emma, Emma, (yup, 2 Emmas :)) Elisa("Tarina Teija)", Katri("Clint Eastwood") and Nora ("Ninja Warrior").. :) We'll see when I get a nickname like that.. :)


ps. Greetings from Asylum ;)

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