Monday, September 13, 2010

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Week 3 is starting at the boarding school and I don't know how to react.. So much has happened in such a short time and I feel like all of my relationships outside the boarding school are falling apart.. People are contacting me less than they did.. Is it because I'm such a shitty person or what? Why do I have to keep contacting them?? NO ONE calls me or anything. NOBODY. I could just toss my mobile to lake Saimaa and no one would even realize that..

School is going pretty well.. Staying the next weekend here :33 That'll be SO much fun!! :3 and I started postcrossing AGAIN :DD
My momwould kill me but I want to receive at least some mail to the boarding school and decorate the walls above my writing desk :) And I already have received some pretty cards :3

And today I received a BEATIFUL elf card through a private swap from Netherlands and I LOVE it :3 It's one of the prettiest cards I've receioved :3

Today I have to finish all of my homeworks for all of the classes this week, go shopping (or else I'll starve to death) and maybe write a couple of letters if I have time :3


OH! And I don't know what to do :(( Kuroshitsuji II: Monoshitsuji is a shitty sequel of a great anime Kuroshitsuji (but even though it's shitty I love watching it) but the second season lasts only 12 episodes and the last episode is released in 4 days!!!!!!!!!! ;;__;; WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO AFTER THAT?!?!?!?!? MY LOVELY SEBBYXCIEL ANIME ENDS ;__; AND I DON'T KNOW WHERE I CAN READ THE MANGA ;;__;;

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