Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Room 418 with Emma :)

So now it's my 2nd day living in the dorm and my first day studying English philology at the boarding school "Joutsenon Opisto" :) I'm pretty happy here, rooms are bigger than I thought (though Elisa came and said that her and Emma's (we have two Emmas in the same class and dorm area (4 rooms, 2 students in each of them and we are all studying English philology :))) Haven't really met anyone except for Emma who's my roommate for the next 8-9 months she's 1 year older than me but we get along just fine :) We have so much in common :) We both LOVE snail mail and we REALLY like this black haired, TALL about 22 years old guy student who lives in the dorm area below us ;) We met him on the first night while me and Emma were looking for the tv room and so was he :) We talked a bit and came to realize that the radiators don't work :DD Luckily we have 2 people in one room so it's a bit warmer than to live alone :D He's the ONLY good looking guy in the whole dorm and we both fell for him :) Now we've seen him MANY times during our first day even though we're not in the same classes :) He has lunch at the same time that we have and he opened the door for us when we came from our coffee break ;) I'm SO going to get to know him no matter what!!!! :DD

More info when the life has started better and so on.. :)


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  1. :O oon niin kade ;D olisinpa mäki törmännyt komeeseen ja pitkään musta hiuksiseen poikaan :((( nooooo ehkä joskus jostain sellasen vielä löydänki ;D mut onnittelut mukavasta asuntolasta :) oon ilonen että sait hyvii kämppäkavereit ;D mitäs mä sanoin ;D hyvin se menee :)
    Ja koita pärjätä :) ootan innolla lisää tekstejä elämästäsi siellä :) *hugs*