Friday, August 6, 2010

"I Could Really Use A Wish Right Now"

I fell in love with B.O.B's Airplane song as soon as I heard it!
(listen to the song before you read more!)

Tracy was smiling to me when she heard that I fell in love with the song :) I even bought the whole CD yesterday from Meadowhall :)
When we were walking to the train station I was talking about the song with Tracy and she told me what kind of a meaning the song has to the children around here.. I know about the thing that happened but I was listening to the story as well as I could.

About 6 weeks ago a 15 years old boy drowned near here. He saved his friend but couldn't save his own life. He was really liked in his school (Tracy works at the school) and the song was his favorite.. So every time the song is playing on the radio the girls cry..The song was played in his funeral.. So the song has 2 meanings.. Hopefully you have listened the song 1 time before you've read this story and now listen it once more and think about this true story.. To be honest whenever I hear the song now I have to bite my lip so that I won't start crying :)
I LOVE the song still! :)

~ Lily

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  1. IHANA laulu :O Ja tosi koskettava tarina! Aloin iteki itkee!! Tosi kaunis lyriikka :) Voi sitä poika parkaa ! Se teki hienon työn ku pelasti kaverinsa! Se on kunnian arvoinen! Tosi kaunista, mutta niin surullista..

    Kiitti ku kerroit tästä laulusta.. Tuli jotenki sellanen kaunis olo.. Ja Hayley mukana tässä laulussa :O Ehdottomasti play backin arvoinen!!!