Wednesday, July 14, 2010

You Have NO Clue

Only about a week and I'm 19.. :3 and 2 weeks until my trip to UK! :3 Scotland & England, HERE I COME! :D

Currently I'm eagerly waiting for next weekend~ My cosplay friends will be coming over and we'll be cosplaying through the whole weekend~ CAN'T WAIT! x3

The only things that bothers me a LOT at the moment are
1) I won't be able to go to MeuwCon which will be held in Stockholm, Sweden August 13th-15th.. 2 of my friends are going and I know that seeing their cosplay costumes and everything from there will kill me ;_; TAKE ME WITH YOU~
2)Everyone (who doesn't know me that well) thinks that I'm sweet.. "You're so sweet" those words are pretty often heard but it's not true.. Often when people tell me somethings that may upset me (like quitting snail mail just like that) I act like it's okay to me and as if I totally understand why they have to do so.. But deep inside me I'm almost dying.. Thinking "Is there something wrong with ME?"

But anyways~
Haven't posted any cosplay photos from this summer so here are some:

Desucon 2010, Day one:
~Twilight Town Roxas~ - ~Kingdom Hearts 2~

Desucon 2010, Day two:
~Organization XIII Roxas~ - ~Kingdom Hearts 2~

Tracon V, Day one:
~Fuu Hououji, School Uniform~ - ~Magic Knight Rayearth~

Tracon V, Day two:
~Edward Elric~ - ~FullMetal Alchemist~

To be honest I think I looked pretty good while I was cosplaying Roxas.. :)
Fuu's costume was okay.. But my wig was terrible :( But STILL people recognized my character!! Even though the series is SO old! :D I was happy about that :) And I had this most handsome Ferio with me ;)
Edo.. I think my costume and wig were GREAT! :D I really did look like a guy and to be honest I think I'm one of the best Edo crossplayers in Finland :D
Or do you people think that I raped Edo by crossplaying him? :P

Next cosplays:

Edo (FullMetal Alchemist) ~ July 24th-25th
Casual Edo ~ July 24th-25th
Zero Kiryu (Vampire Knight) ~ July 24th-25th
Robin Ciel (KuroShitsuji) ~ Next year if we get a Sebastian~ ;D
(Beautyqueen) Etna (Disgaea) ~ Next year
Yuna (Final Fantasy X) ~ Still THINKING about it..
Fuu Hououji (Magic Knight Rayearth) ~ Next year

Who should I cosplay as? :3



  1. Sanoit että cossaisit Yunaa jos teen vaan sulle sen asun ;D

  2. ja mäkin haluisin sut mukaan MeuwConiin :(

  3. Mietin sitä vielä :) Et kumminkaa jaksa tehä sitä ;D

  4. No just joo, sanoinhan jo miettineeni sen toteuttamistakin ;D