Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Why Can't It Be August Already?

Okay, my birthday would be in the past but my part-time job would end and I'd be in UK :3
My dad talked with Tracy today and Ben is excited to see me after 3 years! :D He will be 8! :D I can't believe I saw him over 2 years ago last time! :D He must've grown! :)

Tracy told us that she will take me around the near by villages on 4th and she will come to Nottingham with me :D We will have a girl's day out :D She has studied in Nottingham so she knows where everything is :3 It's great to have a guide! :D And the age different doesn't matter to me at all! :D I love talking with adults! :D And Tracy is the greatest! :D I'd love to have her as my mom :D
And when I'm going to Blackpool she and Ben will come with me :D When Ben heard that I'm oing to Blackpool he decided that they're coming with me that day :D At least I will get some photos where I will be as well :D (Hopefully! :D)
Can't really wait! :D

.......wonder if they'll understand me and my terrible accent xD

Today was a normal day at work.. I worked my ass off like a slave and felt dizzy MANY times.. Still I stayed there for 7 hours.. Luckily I got the car so I drove home at 4pm and got a letter from Erica! :3 I'm so happy to receive letters so close to my birthday :D I just realized that it's only 3 days to my birthday.. Wow.. I will be 19.. And I don't even feel like I'd be 18 xD
My birthday will be an interesting one :D
I paid the next order from Postcardgarden today and hopefully receive it on Friday or Monday ;3 Friday would be great :3

Need to go and write letters~


Can't believe I've looked like that last year ;D

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