Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Soundtrack Of My Life

Currently I'm going through a depression phase in my life..
I was okay for the last 2 months, I had no problems (some fights here and there but I wasn't depressed)..
Now, after Tracon I and everything just fell apart.. I feel like my body falls apart just like that and so does my life..
I have NO energy to do anything, I'm half dead even when I'm working.. And even my feelings are messed up.. About one month ago I realized that I love my friend a LOT. But I'm 99% sure that my feelings are one-sided and I'm afraid to lose our friendship.. So maybe this is also one of the reasons I'm really depressed..

And these are 5 songs that represent my life at the moment:

1. Ke$ha - Hungover
"Now the party's over
And everybody's gone

I'm left here with myself and I

Wonder what went wrong

And now my heart is broken

Like the bottles on the floor

Does it really matter?

Or am I just hung over you?

2. Lesley Roy - Slow Goodbye
"I act cool
On the outside
But it's eating me
Cuz when it comes to you
There's nothing I can do
I can't make you love me
When you don't"

3. Waiting For Iris - Fade to Black
"Who am i to question
Who are you to keep pretending
love is just the tension
and i think ive found a resolution
fade to black now"

4. Nickelback - Savin Me
"Heaven's gates won't open up for me
With these broken wings I'm fallin'
And all I see is you"

5. LIGHTS - Face Up
"Seems like the more you grow
the more time you spend alone
before you know it
you'll end up perfectly on your own"

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