Thursday, July 15, 2010

Postcrossing and Other Postcards~

I gazed through my blog and realized that I haven't uploaded any photos of my received postcards since May 27th :O
So here's the 8 missing postcards through postcrossing and some of the 17 cards I've received from my friends xD Sorry~


from terri89/China, May 28th

The Qian Tomb of Tang Dynasty

from Katherin/Moldova, June 11th

Kishinev, Moldova

from valou44/France, June 11th

Paris by night

from ChickenLicken/Great Britain, June 17th

from teanosugar/Poland, June 17th

Stutthof, Nazi Concentration Camp - founded in 1939

from pinkroma/Singapore, July 1st

Chinese boat restaurant cruising Singapore Islands

from kagamiexc/Russia, July 5th

from cinthia4apple/Taiwan, July 12th

Postcards from Friends

From Nora

From Viivi

From Marjut

From Shi/China<3

From Senni<3



  1. toi ihana kisu-kortti, on kyl ihana<3 onneks ostin ittelleni samanlaisen :D

  2. Mun mielest parhaat o varmaa noi Kill The Tourist kortit xD AIVAN ihanii :D