Monday, July 19, 2010

Package received! ^^

I was working for 9 hours today (9am-6pm) even though normally I go home around 4pm.. Today was just so much busier day than ever before (even though Mondays are usually extremely quiet)
Well.. It was quiet untill 11am when a 19 years old guy came to our shop and started making a bill with Minna(another employer).. and he bought trees, bushes, roses and such things with almost 13000 euros!!!!! That's like 10000€ more than I can make within 4-5 months! Of course I was the one who had to carry most of the things because the guy just piled the plants he wanted in the middle of the nursery and that made most of the other customers extremely angry.. and I worked with those plants until 5pm and after that I needed to clean up some places.. I was DEAD tired!

Luckily I knew that I had got mail.. :3 I got my order from postcard garden :3 I'm already a regular there and I get -10% from every order I make :D It's great :D This time I ordered:

Q-lia Caromel cotton - letterset
Amy&Tim #2 - envelopes (10 envelopes, 2 different kind of envelopes)
Amy&Tim 2 - stickers
Miki #1 - stickers
Midnight Goddess - Fantasy postcard

I was SO happy to receive those :3

Here's the card :3 (I'll be sending it to Hungary tomorrow, through POSTCROSSING! :3)

Hopefully she will like the postcard as much as I do :3 I LOVE Linda Peltola's cards!!! :3


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