Saturday, July 31, 2010

I *HEART* Great Britain

Luckily I feel a bit better now.. :)
My hands look a lot better than 2 days ago when I was almost ready to cut both of my hands off.. It just hurted so much and looked terrible.. But now I have 2 different moisturizing creams with me :)
And yesterday I went to change some currency to Helsinki.. I got £363 with 450€ :) I was pretty happy and then I went with my dad to get me an InterRail One Country Pass for Great Britain (6 days within 1 month).. We talked about the pass with the booking clerk and made sure that the Pass works where it should.. And when we were driving home I noticed that I had got a One Country Pass for Spain.. I panicked immediately but luckily we were allowed to go and change the Pass today to the right one.. :)
And I've packed all of my stuff already.. Now I'm just wondering whether I've forgotten something or not :D Hopefully not :)
The plane leaves tomorrow night around 10.40pm and I'll be in Edinburgh around 11.40pm their time.. :) I probably won't sleep at all in the airport but let's hope that my 1st day in Edinburgh will be a great one.. :)
I can't WAIT to go to Sheffield and meet Tracy, Mark and Ben after almost 3 years :D Tracy is panicking and cleaning the house and Ben can't wait for his 10,5 years older "girlfriend" to come over again ;D
I'll update my blog during the trip if I get the chance to, if not I'll write about the days after I'm back :)

Edinburgh, Sheffield, York, Nottingham, Blackpool and London.. HERE I COME! :3


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