Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Plastic People..

Currently I can't help but start to sing everytime I heard a Finnish song called "Nukketalo Palaa" (Dollhouse returns) by Olavi Uusivirta.. I just love the chorus :3

"värikuvina jossain lensi linnut
kun taivas oli harmaa
ja hiljaisuutta kaikui
kadut joita kahlasin
nyt viisitoista vuotta myöhemmin
nukketalo palaa takaisin
muovinainen, muovimies
jos olisitte tienneet
olin rakastunut mieheen
ja piirsin lisää parkkiaikaa autoihin

(rough translation:
Birds flied somewhere as a colour pictures
while the sky was grey
and the silence echoed
in the streets that I walked
now fifteen years later
dollhouse returns
plastic woman, plastic man
if you'd only knew
I was in love with a man
and drew more parking time to cars

I really want Olavi's new CD :3 Even though the lyrics are a bit random :3 But the song is catchy ^^

Oh~ And today was my last entrance exam :3 Tourism in Lahti's University Of Applied Sciences.. I thought that I'd be the whole day alone (the exam started with a written exam which lasted from 10am to 12.30pm and then between 1pm and 7.30pm were group interviews..) I was at Sibeliustalo (where the exam was held) around 9am and fond a place to sit down among about 200 other students.. THEN I saw something familiar.. I went to see if I knew the girl and it was Niina after all! :D (Niina is my friend whom I've met through cosplaying first in 2007 but for the first time we talked and hanged around in Tracon III in February 2008 :) It was great and I really like her! :3 She has a twin sister (but they don't look like twins at ALL! :)) So after the written exam we went to eat and hanged around from 12.30pm to 4pm when my interview was held (her was 4.30pm).. We had a lot of fun and she asked whether I could cosplay as Fuu in Tracon.. I didn't say yes or no but on Sunday I'm going to her place to try out her Roxas costume :D I was complaining to her that I didn't know what I should or could cosplay in Desucon (the second day) and she offered me her Twilight town Roxas costume(EVEN the keyblade :O)..

Well since Niina is a bit shorter than I am (I'm 167cm) I have to go and try it out whether it fits me or not.. She said that her shirt was long for her so let's hope for the best :3 I could be angsty Roxas~ xD
I'd love to cosplay as him.. And Niina already promised to help me with Fuu's costume.. :3 She will borrow me glasses and her Mokona plushie :3

Can't wait till Sunday and till Desucon which will be held June 12th-13th :3
I promise I'll download LOTS of pictures of Desucon to facebook, here and.. EVERYWHERE :3



  1. Mä just meinasin tässä ehdottaa että jos cossaisit Roxasia!! Ku muistelin niit sun cossi kuvia sielt ircist!!! :D ja se nyt sitte käy toteen vai? ;D

  2. Kattoo nytte.. :) Riippuu pääsenkö kokeilee pukuu enne conii ja sopiiks se :)

  3. Se olis kyll varmana söpö :)))