Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Thoughts Seem So Much Clearer Now..

After spending 2 days in Porvoo.. :) On Wednesday I woke up around 6am and left around 7am to Porvoo, I also drove my dad to work though I was ANGRY at him.. I didn't talk with him that day or the night evening that but I still had to drive him.. Luckily he understood that I wouldn't talk to him no matter what..
In the end I was in Porvoo around 8am, parked my car in my regular spot (a bit further away from the city/town because I hate parking and driving in cities/towns.. :)) I called Kimmy countless of times that morning before she answered her phone and said that she was getting ready (we promised to spend 2 hours together before she needed to go to work and I was trying to book a time for a manicure..) We met around 8.15am and at first I told her EVERYTHING about what happened to me last night and so on.. Even though we fight a LOT she's still one of my closest friends and we can talk about anything.. I don't have and have ever had an adult I could talk to.. So I've been trusting people way too easily for my whole life but now I have some people I can REALLY trust.. And to be honest I'm really grateful for that..
But anyways.. Wednesday went so fast.. I had manicure (the one who tended my nails was Thai and extremely skilled.. And her nails!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ You should have seen those :3 Watermelon nail, nail jewellery, snowflake nail etc.. ♥) I just HAD to tell her that I loved her nails and she just started laughing and thanked me.. I guess she saw that I REALLY wanted to have her nails :3 ♥
I bought 24 postcards that day.. (I know I shouldn't but when I wandered in the older part of Porvoo I visited these lovely small shops where they sold Finnish handicrafts and things like that and there were so many postcards.. ^^') and the same thing goes with different stamps.. Finland shouldn't have more than one kind of stamps.. ^^' This time I bought 4 different kind of stamps (Aurora Borealis, Finland's building in Shanghai World Expo, Rings, Vedgetables you can edit) so I bought 29 new stamps and I already had 11 unused at home plus the envelopes I've already written.. I should get rid of that habit :( Oh! And I can't edit the vedgetable stamps because Kimmy insisted that she'd do that when she's coming to my place next time.. :) And I also bought graduation gifts for Kimmy and Sini.. :) To Kimmy I bought a Vintage Shoes Book which she really wanted and for Sini I bought a Moomin glass (I still think that I should go buy a plate as well.. :))

On Thursday (today) I woke up around 5am because mom was upstairs cleaning places up (she's EXTREMELY stressed because of my graduation!).. Luckily I fell asleep again and woke up at 7am.. We (me and my mom) left around 8am because I had booked us times for hairdressers one month earlier! (In Finland it's almost impossible to get a time for a hairdresser at the end of May and in the beginning of June so that's why it's good to book times one month earlier..) After getting my hair cutted and dyed we went to McDonalds to eat salads (the place was PACKED with students because schools end earlier than normally, thanks to the summervacation which starts on Saturday..) after that I had a time for a make-up because my mom had booked a time for a photographer (in Finland it's almost a tradition that the ones who graduate from Upper Secondary School/High School go and take some photos at a photographer.. We always have this white hat with us..)

After the make-up I looked great, more like an adult even though most of my friends are taller than me even though they're 1-3 years younger than me.. And usually I look younger than they do.. :3
So we went to the same photo studio where I had taken my photos when I turned 1.. :) The photographer was a young (20y.o) man and I was really happy.. He was handsome! ;) So I changed to my graduation dress and went to the studio where I spent 30 minutes in different (painful) poses and tried not to shake or fall :)
After the photos were taken he showed wome of those to me and I was HAPPY :) I think that the photos were great and left the studio happily :) But now I know that I could never become a model :) I shake way too much and I automatically drop my chin when I'm changing a pose.. :)

Pictures of my make-up, new hair and nails :)

And YES, those are my REAL&OWN nails..

And now my brother has a mohawk xD

And thanks to Maria, Eila & Matti and Arja, Jari, Paavo, Pietu & UP for sending me graduation cards already :)

Total cost of manicure, hairdresser, make-up and photos = 30€ + 82€ + 38€ + 125€ = 275€
($ 335,5
£ 231
1298 Israeli shekels
¥ 30963
฿ 10966
1635 mk(the former currency of Finland))

Expensive? :D


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