Saturday, June 26, 2010

Midsummer at home!

At first we were supposed to spend the Finnish holiday Midsummer at my aunt's cottage.. I wasn't that excited about that but I agreed.. I worked 4 days, from Monday to Thursday and packed all my bags during the Thursday-Friday night.. Then we left to Jämsä around 8am in the morning.. I sat on the front seat and almost asked my mom many times whether we could turn around and go back home.. I'm not on good terms with my family from my mother's side.. My older aunt hates me because I've been a tomboy and now I love cosplaying and crossplay.. Also because I'm not an excellent student and daughter, my uncle (also younger godfather) is a quiet one and lets his wife decide everything for him, also he doesn't help us at all if we ask for help.. Then there's my younger aunt (my mom's youngest sister).. God I could tell so much good things about her! She's a bit like me and I love it! She's not like her siblings at all, she doesn't think that she's better than everyone else and loathe old things.. To be honest I wish she could be my mom :D
Then my cousins.. I'm older than all of them so I've always been an outcast among them.. My oldest cousin, Juuso, is only couple of months younger than me but he doesn't talk to anyone.. But I'm okay with that since he has been diagnosed with autism when he was young.. Then there's Juuso's little sister Iina, the perfect little girl who does everything her mommy asks her to and he gets straight A's.. If not she's SO dissappointed in herself.. And the youngest girl, Roosa, in their family is a total brat.. She has called me fat to my face MANY times.. Guess what I've wanted to do to her for many years? :) Well.. Like my brother quoted the Ramones:

Then there's my uncle's children, 2 boys: Matias and Elias.. Their whole family is so obsessed with germs, bacterias and such so the boys are always eating some medicine or something.. The boys are okay but.. I hate their parents..
There's still left my grandma and my lovely aunt's children :)
Well, My grandma is a total pain in the ass.. She's always asking when I'm getting pregnant!!! Do you KNOW how disturbing that is? Especially when you're talking about university life to your family and so..? Then your grandma waits for you to get knocked up like that?!?!? I felt like saying to her that "Well.. It's a shame that 2 girls can't get pregnant to each other so.." That would've shut her up!
And my lovely aunt's children.. Anna is her oldest one and she's pretty okay when she's not with Roosa.. And Lasse and Antti.. I love those little boys even though they're extremely energetic all the time.. :) But when there's a family meeting they're all after Iina..

When we got to the cottage my mom got ANGRY. She saw all of her siblings helping each other and letting their children do whatever they wanted (at our place they keep their children next to them ALL the time! We don't have a deep lake next to us! We have only some forest and LOTS of fields!!!) So we didn't stay there for more than 5 hours and LEFT! Eventhough I'm agnostic I almost started thanking God.. :)

Now I'm home and can concentrate on writing the last 23 letters to my friends :) My goal is to finish those before Monday morning :D Wish me luck! :D


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