Monday, June 21, 2010

It's been SO long!

And I'm truly sorry for that.. :/ Life has kept me busy and currently I'm trying my best to write all of the letters I should have written and sent ages ago, before July.. I got accepted to the college of Joutseno, a boarding school near Lappeenranta in a small village of Joutseno (they have factories there, that's all I know..) and I've been planning on keeping another blog for my one year in a boarding school.. :) I've ALWAYS wanted to study in a boarding school and now my dream is coming true :) I'm studying there as if I was in university and after the first year (if I get into uni) I start as a second year student :) I'm majoring in English and the study fee of almost 4000 euros includes a 2 week long study trip to UK! :D I really can't believe it! :D I sent the papers back today that I will take the place they were offering me and I can't wait until August 30th! :D I will be living in a dorm and I have a roommate! :D It feels strange to imagine that I will be sharing a room with someone I don't even know at first! :D

And June 12th-13th was Desucon and I had LOTS of fun! :) I met 2 new friends who were cosplaying as Riku and Demyx from Kingdom Hearts 2 and I'm now keeping in touch with them :) Ansku(Riku) even asked me about Tracon :D (I got the tickets today<3) and we'll be meeting there :D Now I'm just waiting for my wig from Hong Kong :D (sorry, I won't be adding any photos this time :))

Next weekend is the midsummer and I will be spending 3 days with my cousins and other family members in Jämsä.. I know it will be pretty boring (I'm older than any of my cousins so I prefer talking with the adults who hate me -_-) so I'll be taking my letters and letter sets and write a LOT! :D Or read Stephenie Meyer's 6th book I own "The Short Second Life Of Bree Tanner".. I bought it in English because it was cheaper than buy it in Finnish.. And I should try to use my English skills as much as I can before August :3

In July 3rd-4th I will be spending the weekend in Tampere in Tracon and I really wish that I'll be having lots of fun! :3 During July I will buy myself a new laptop as well (I'm moving out of my house and starting to study like a proper university student so I NEED a newer laptop (my old one is 6 years old!)) And I will be having a cosplay weekend July 23rd-25th when I'm turning 19.. :) I hope that everyone will have as much fun as I will :D

And before school starts I'm going to UK all by myself :) The flights have already been bought :) August 1st I will fly to Edinburgh and August 11th my flight leaves from London to Tampere so I will travel through the whole LOVELY country<3 CAN'T wait for that :D

Well, that's all for now :D Wish me luck! ^^


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