Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Snail Mailing..

God how I've missed it! I just haven't had that much time to write so I almost forgot how nice it was to write, send and receive letters :) I've sent 10 letters within 2 weeks and I still have 15 more to write.. Some are from January-March so those are extremely late but I wish that people will find a way to forgive me.. :/ Yesterday I received 2 letters from my South Korean friends and I was jumping up and down like a little kid.. It feels like eternity has passed since the last time I received a letter.. And I've received some postcards but I feel like those aren't coming anymore.. I wonfer why.. :/ Well, maybe I will put up some photos of the postcards I've received lately.. :)


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Midsummer at home!

At first we were supposed to spend the Finnish holiday Midsummer at my aunt's cottage.. I wasn't that excited about that but I agreed.. I worked 4 days, from Monday to Thursday and packed all my bags during the Thursday-Friday night.. Then we left to Jämsä around 8am in the morning.. I sat on the front seat and almost asked my mom many times whether we could turn around and go back home.. I'm not on good terms with my family from my mother's side.. My older aunt hates me because I've been a tomboy and now I love cosplaying and crossplay.. Also because I'm not an excellent student and daughter, my uncle (also younger godfather) is a quiet one and lets his wife decide everything for him, also he doesn't help us at all if we ask for help.. Then there's my younger aunt (my mom's youngest sister).. God I could tell so much good things about her! She's a bit like me and I love it! She's not like her siblings at all, she doesn't think that she's better than everyone else and loathe old things.. To be honest I wish she could be my mom :D
Then my cousins.. I'm older than all of them so I've always been an outcast among them.. My oldest cousin, Juuso, is only couple of months younger than me but he doesn't talk to anyone.. But I'm okay with that since he has been diagnosed with autism when he was young.. Then there's Juuso's little sister Iina, the perfect little girl who does everything her mommy asks her to and he gets straight A's.. If not she's SO dissappointed in herself.. And the youngest girl, Roosa, in their family is a total brat.. She has called me fat to my face MANY times.. Guess what I've wanted to do to her for many years? :) Well.. Like my brother quoted the Ramones:

Then there's my uncle's children, 2 boys: Matias and Elias.. Their whole family is so obsessed with germs, bacterias and such so the boys are always eating some medicine or something.. The boys are okay but.. I hate their parents..
There's still left my grandma and my lovely aunt's children :)
Well, My grandma is a total pain in the ass.. She's always asking when I'm getting pregnant!!! Do you KNOW how disturbing that is? Especially when you're talking about university life to your family and so..? Then your grandma waits for you to get knocked up like that?!?!? I felt like saying to her that "Well.. It's a shame that 2 girls can't get pregnant to each other so.." That would've shut her up!
And my lovely aunt's children.. Anna is her oldest one and she's pretty okay when she's not with Roosa.. And Lasse and Antti.. I love those little boys even though they're extremely energetic all the time.. :) But when there's a family meeting they're all after Iina..

When we got to the cottage my mom got ANGRY. She saw all of her siblings helping each other and letting their children do whatever they wanted (at our place they keep their children next to them ALL the time! We don't have a deep lake next to us! We have only some forest and LOTS of fields!!!) So we didn't stay there for more than 5 hours and LEFT! Eventhough I'm agnostic I almost started thanking God.. :)

Now I'm home and can concentrate on writing the last 23 letters to my friends :) My goal is to finish those before Monday morning :D Wish me luck! :D


Monday, June 21, 2010

It's been SO long!

And I'm truly sorry for that.. :/ Life has kept me busy and currently I'm trying my best to write all of the letters I should have written and sent ages ago, before July.. I got accepted to the college of Joutseno, a boarding school near Lappeenranta in a small village of Joutseno (they have factories there, that's all I know..) and I've been planning on keeping another blog for my one year in a boarding school.. :) I've ALWAYS wanted to study in a boarding school and now my dream is coming true :) I'm studying there as if I was in university and after the first year (if I get into uni) I start as a second year student :) I'm majoring in English and the study fee of almost 4000 euros includes a 2 week long study trip to UK! :D I really can't believe it! :D I sent the papers back today that I will take the place they were offering me and I can't wait until August 30th! :D I will be living in a dorm and I have a roommate! :D It feels strange to imagine that I will be sharing a room with someone I don't even know at first! :D

And June 12th-13th was Desucon and I had LOTS of fun! :) I met 2 new friends who were cosplaying as Riku and Demyx from Kingdom Hearts 2 and I'm now keeping in touch with them :) Ansku(Riku) even asked me about Tracon :D (I got the tickets today<3) and we'll be meeting there :D Now I'm just waiting for my wig from Hong Kong :D (sorry, I won't be adding any photos this time :))

Next weekend is the midsummer and I will be spending 3 days with my cousins and other family members in Jämsä.. I know it will be pretty boring (I'm older than any of my cousins so I prefer talking with the adults who hate me -_-) so I'll be taking my letters and letter sets and write a LOT! :D Or read Stephenie Meyer's 6th book I own "The Short Second Life Of Bree Tanner".. I bought it in English because it was cheaper than buy it in Finnish.. And I should try to use my English skills as much as I can before August :3

In July 3rd-4th I will be spending the weekend in Tampere in Tracon and I really wish that I'll be having lots of fun! :3 During July I will buy myself a new laptop as well (I'm moving out of my house and starting to study like a proper university student so I NEED a newer laptop (my old one is 6 years old!)) And I will be having a cosplay weekend July 23rd-25th when I'm turning 19.. :) I hope that everyone will have as much fun as I will :D

And before school starts I'm going to UK all by myself :) The flights have already been bought :) August 1st I will fly to Edinburgh and August 11th my flight leaves from London to Tampere so I will travel through the whole LOVELY country<3 CAN'T wait for that :D

Well, that's all for now :D Wish me luck! ^^


Friday, June 11, 2010


Desucon is held this weekend!!! :D Only one night left!!!! :D You can't even believe how pumped I am! :D I've been literally climbing the walls and jumping around :D I will be cosplaying Roxas thanks to Ninnu-chan who borrowed her Roxas costume for me ♥ And because my Fuu costume was delayed I'll be cosplaying Roxas on Saturday AND Sunday.. On Saturday I'll be Twilight town Roxas (I've already tried the costume and I think it's okay but don't think that Roxas is THE character for me :/)

"No One Would Miss Me"

Thanks to my own personal photographer, my little brother♥

And on Sunday I'll be Organization XIII Roxas :)

Waiting for tomorrow♥


Saturday, June 5, 2010


Though I still can't believe it :D
More about it, the day and night AND pics tomorrow :)


Friday, June 4, 2010

One more day until graduation :D

But I don't feel like it.. AT ALL! :D I'm serious.. :D I'm not panicking or anything :D Not even stressed :D To me tomorrow feels like a normal day.. :D But I do have graduation "practice" at 6pm and before that I must go and buy 4 cards for my friends and send a package&letter to Kasia :) I received a big package from her today with lots of Polish chocolate :3 I was so happy even though I'm a bit allergic to chocolate.. I will eat everything any ways :3 (after the graduation, of course :D)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Thoughts Seem So Much Clearer Now..

After spending 2 days in Porvoo.. :) On Wednesday I woke up around 6am and left around 7am to Porvoo, I also drove my dad to work though I was ANGRY at him.. I didn't talk with him that day or the night evening that but I still had to drive him.. Luckily he understood that I wouldn't talk to him no matter what..
In the end I was in Porvoo around 8am, parked my car in my regular spot (a bit further away from the city/town because I hate parking and driving in cities/towns.. :)) I called Kimmy countless of times that morning before she answered her phone and said that she was getting ready (we promised to spend 2 hours together before she needed to go to work and I was trying to book a time for a manicure..) We met around 8.15am and at first I told her EVERYTHING about what happened to me last night and so on.. Even though we fight a LOT she's still one of my closest friends and we can talk about anything.. I don't have and have ever had an adult I could talk to.. So I've been trusting people way too easily for my whole life but now I have some people I can REALLY trust.. And to be honest I'm really grateful for that..
But anyways.. Wednesday went so fast.. I had manicure (the one who tended my nails was Thai and extremely skilled.. And her nails!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ You should have seen those :3 Watermelon nail, nail jewellery, snowflake nail etc.. ♥) I just HAD to tell her that I loved her nails and she just started laughing and thanked me.. I guess she saw that I REALLY wanted to have her nails :3 ♥
I bought 24 postcards that day.. (I know I shouldn't but when I wandered in the older part of Porvoo I visited these lovely small shops where they sold Finnish handicrafts and things like that and there were so many postcards.. ^^') and the same thing goes with different stamps.. Finland shouldn't have more than one kind of stamps.. ^^' This time I bought 4 different kind of stamps (Aurora Borealis, Finland's building in Shanghai World Expo, Rings, Vedgetables you can edit) so I bought 29 new stamps and I already had 11 unused at home plus the envelopes I've already written.. I should get rid of that habit :( Oh! And I can't edit the vedgetable stamps because Kimmy insisted that she'd do that when she's coming to my place next time.. :) And I also bought graduation gifts for Kimmy and Sini.. :) To Kimmy I bought a Vintage Shoes Book which she really wanted and for Sini I bought a Moomin glass (I still think that I should go buy a plate as well.. :))

On Thursday (today) I woke up around 5am because mom was upstairs cleaning places up (she's EXTREMELY stressed because of my graduation!).. Luckily I fell asleep again and woke up at 7am.. We (me and my mom) left around 8am because I had booked us times for hairdressers one month earlier! (In Finland it's almost impossible to get a time for a hairdresser at the end of May and in the beginning of June so that's why it's good to book times one month earlier..) After getting my hair cutted and dyed we went to McDonalds to eat salads (the place was PACKED with students because schools end earlier than normally, thanks to the summervacation which starts on Saturday..) after that I had a time for a make-up because my mom had booked a time for a photographer (in Finland it's almost a tradition that the ones who graduate from Upper Secondary School/High School go and take some photos at a photographer.. We always have this white hat with us..)

After the make-up I looked great, more like an adult even though most of my friends are taller than me even though they're 1-3 years younger than me.. And usually I look younger than they do.. :3
So we went to the same photo studio where I had taken my photos when I turned 1.. :) The photographer was a young (20y.o) man and I was really happy.. He was handsome! ;) So I changed to my graduation dress and went to the studio where I spent 30 minutes in different (painful) poses and tried not to shake or fall :)
After the photos were taken he showed wome of those to me and I was HAPPY :) I think that the photos were great and left the studio happily :) But now I know that I could never become a model :) I shake way too much and I automatically drop my chin when I'm changing a pose.. :)

Pictures of my make-up, new hair and nails :)

And YES, those are my REAL&OWN nails..

And now my brother has a mohawk xD

And thanks to Maria, Eila & Matti and Arja, Jari, Paavo, Pietu & UP for sending me graduation cards already :)

Total cost of manicure, hairdresser, make-up and photos = 30€ + 82€ + 38€ + 125€ = 275€
($ 335,5
£ 231
1298 Israeli shekels
¥ 30963
฿ 10966
1635 mk(the former currency of Finland))

Expensive? :D


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Anime Music Videos.. :3

I promised that I wouldn't do any anymore but after hearing Azerbaijan's Eurovision song I just HAD to! :3 Oh, it's still just a preview so.. Be nice? :) And I haven't done anything in so long and I don't like to use too many effects so.. :3

Song: Drip Drop
Singer: Safura
Footage: Sailor Moon Stars
Time used: 1 day
Program Used: Sony Vegas Pro 8

and no, I haven't seen all of the Sailor Moon episodes, not even all of the stars episodes, but I DO know how the series end so.. :3 And yes, I HATE Mamoru/Darien.. And I love Usagi/BunnyXSeiya pairing x3

Plastic People..

Currently I can't help but start to sing everytime I heard a Finnish song called "Nukketalo Palaa" (Dollhouse returns) by Olavi Uusivirta.. I just love the chorus :3

"värikuvina jossain lensi linnut
kun taivas oli harmaa
ja hiljaisuutta kaikui
kadut joita kahlasin
nyt viisitoista vuotta myöhemmin
nukketalo palaa takaisin
muovinainen, muovimies
jos olisitte tienneet
olin rakastunut mieheen
ja piirsin lisää parkkiaikaa autoihin

(rough translation:
Birds flied somewhere as a colour pictures
while the sky was grey
and the silence echoed
in the streets that I walked
now fifteen years later
dollhouse returns
plastic woman, plastic man
if you'd only knew
I was in love with a man
and drew more parking time to cars

I really want Olavi's new CD :3 Even though the lyrics are a bit random :3 But the song is catchy ^^

Oh~ And today was my last entrance exam :3 Tourism in Lahti's University Of Applied Sciences.. I thought that I'd be the whole day alone (the exam started with a written exam which lasted from 10am to 12.30pm and then between 1pm and 7.30pm were group interviews..) I was at Sibeliustalo (where the exam was held) around 9am and fond a place to sit down among about 200 other students.. THEN I saw something familiar.. I went to see if I knew the girl and it was Niina after all! :D (Niina is my friend whom I've met through cosplaying first in 2007 but for the first time we talked and hanged around in Tracon III in February 2008 :) It was great and I really like her! :3 She has a twin sister (but they don't look like twins at ALL! :)) So after the written exam we went to eat and hanged around from 12.30pm to 4pm when my interview was held (her was 4.30pm).. We had a lot of fun and she asked whether I could cosplay as Fuu in Tracon.. I didn't say yes or no but on Sunday I'm going to her place to try out her Roxas costume :D I was complaining to her that I didn't know what I should or could cosplay in Desucon (the second day) and she offered me her Twilight town Roxas costume(EVEN the keyblade :O)..

Well since Niina is a bit shorter than I am (I'm 167cm) I have to go and try it out whether it fits me or not.. She said that her shirt was long for her so let's hope for the best :3 I could be angsty Roxas~ xD
I'd love to cosplay as him.. And Niina already promised to help me with Fuu's costume.. :3 She will borrow me glasses and her Mokona plushie :3

Can't wait till Sunday and till Desucon which will be held June 12th-13th :3
I promise I'll download LOTS of pictures of Desucon to facebook, here and.. EVERYWHERE :3