Friday, May 28, 2010

Stayed Up ALL Night :3

Because of Eurovision ofcourse!!! :D I love that program SO much :3 Even though most of the nominees are always TERRIBLE! :D Like UK's this year's nominee..

And I already had my favourites picked up before the contest was shown :3 I got the CD and fell in love with 3 songs :) Belgium's Tom Dice - Me And My Guitar :3 His voice is great :3 I'd love if he'd sing to me everyday x3
First music video and then the performance from the 1st semi final :)

And then There's Armenia's Eva Rivas (almost 2 metres tall!! :D) with "Apricot Stone" :D Somehow the song is just so energetic and it stays in my mind for SO long :D

Music video & performance in the 2nd semi final :)

And last but not least.. My FAVOURITE artist is Azerbaijan's Safura with "Drip Drop" :3 She's only 17 years old! :D Can you believe it? :D

I just can't help but love her dress.. I want one like that as well :3

Other nominees that I noticed for some reason were Lithuania's InCulto "Easter European Funk".. It was so funny when they took of their pants and they had glitter boxer shorts under their pants xD It's a shame Lithuania didn't make it to the finals :)

And Slovakia's entry Kristina - Horehronie was also pretty nice :) Somehow the song reminds me or fairies and creatures like that :3

And even though I don't love Germany's nominee Lena - Satellite (I don't like her voice :() the song still continues to play in my mind :D

And the other song that keeps playing in my mind is France's nominee :D Jessy Matador - Alllez Olla Olé :D

I kinda wish France would win :3 They'd really deserve it :D

And Sweden's nominee was okay.. It's a shame she got eliminated immediately :(
Anna Bergendahl - This Is My Life

And the surprises for me were Turkey's maNga - We Could Be The Same (for once Turkey sends someone who can really sing in English!)

And Israel's Harel Skaat - Milim :) Both of those were good! But the athmosphere when Harel sang was so...... I was really touched :)

And the finals are on Saturday!!!! :D I CAN'T wait for that!!! :3


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  1. Toi Belgian kappale oli kyll munki lemppari <3 Ja sit Romanialla oli toinen ihana :DD